Important Valuable Information Revealed! This book will tell you:

• How to choose a suitable Medicare option for your future and retirement.

• How to help maximize your Social Security benefits.

• How to choose a suitable annuity for your retirement.

• What to look for in Life Insurance.

• How Long Term Care Insurance may help protect yo
ur assets in case of illness.

• How to protect yourself against Identity Theft.

• Tips for Seniors, and much more!

Why Dowd & Associates?

Our clients have many diverse estate and tax issues that they may wish to address through estate plans. Some clients wish to maximize the wealth they have built for their families, while others may wish to provide the bulk of their estates to charitable organizations. Many clients have built up large IRA and 401(k) plans, and do not want to pass on up to 75% in potential taxes on those assets to their families.

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Financial Planning?

We help our clients make educated decisions while working together to develop proactive approaches for their finances. We will help you determine your personal goals and better comprehend all of the opportunities available to you, then develop realistic solutions for obtaining them.

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Our Experience

We help our clients try to avoid unnecessary risk with their retirement assets. We will help you to protect your hard-earned retirement assets in today’s market conditions and provide you with the income you need, with potential income tax saving advantages. Also, we will look ahead to help plan for the unexpected. Our goal is for you to not worry about your money, so you can enjoy your retirement years.

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