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Prosperity Capital Advisors is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor Firm focused on helping service-oriented, independent financial professionals succeed. PCA stands apart by being relevant, authentic and infused with the passion and skill of a leadership team that knows the value of deep relationships. Instead of sustaining the status quo, we have an enhanced model that aims to dramatically improve the quality of client service by providing the tools, technology and back office resources to advisors.

Investing with confidence today requires an entirely different approach. At Prosperity Capital Advisors, our structured investment management process is driven by our firm’s philosophy and helps us do more for our clients. We achieve this by employing a ‘Best-in-Class’ approach to money manager and fund selection, and choose asset classes that align with our in-depth understanding of client’s needs. As a result, investors achieve more consistent portfolio structure and a more complete advisor relationship.

Our approach is built upon the following four axioms:

  • We are NOT market timers
  • We follow a process that focuses on identifying the most appropriate asset allocation strategy for each client
  • We seek to maintain fully invested allocation strategies
  • Tactical allocation strategy and portfolio rebalancing can enhance overall performance


Exceeding clients’ expectations and helping the best get better is our top priority!