Our competitive advantage rests with our truly open architecture investment management platform. We are committed to a clearly defined process and not products. Our belief is that proper asset allocation is the greatest determining factor for maximizing returns relative to acceptable levels of risk. Our open architecture approach:

  • Allows Dowd & Associates, Inc. to build truly objective investment management strategies absent of conflicts of interest.
  • Broadens the asset class alternatives and fund and manager options with which our clients achieve proper portfolio diversification.
  • Yields comprehensive, client driven asset allocation.

Asset Allocation

Proper asset allocation is critical to a portfolio’s overall performance and achieving the individual client’s expectations. Historically, appropriate allocation among asset classes has outperformed other investment strategies. At Dowd & Associates, Inc. we offer a full and complete range of asset classes including small and large, mid, and small cap stocks, domestic, international, and emerging market funds, value and growth alternatives, domestic and global bond funds, municipal bonds, real estate and others. We offer a broad palette to accommodate the unique investment needs of our clients and to provide customized, client-specific allocation strategies.


Manager and Fund Due Diligence

Our manager selection process is based on a comprehensive evaluation of a variety of quantitative and qualitative factors seeking to identify high-quality managers that demonstrate consistency within their management process. Our approach seeks to identify top-tier investment managers that can add value to client’s portfolios from a risk-adjusted return basis. When selecting these managers, focus is given to firms that have a time proven track record of adding value to client portfolios while taking on below market levels of risk.

We will offer our advisors options for both active and passive core investment strategies as well as a number of more specific satellite strategies to meet the individual needs of their clients. The main focus of our approach will rely on asset allocation, risk management, tax efficiency and a blend of other quantitative research in determining our money managers and portfolio offering.

Structure, or asset mix, dictates how a diversified portfolio will perform. There are securities like stocks and bonds of domestic and international variety. Factoring the investors risk profile determines the allocation.